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FAQs About Your Wood Floors 

Q. What alternatives are available to making my hardwood floor look brand new in beautiful Oregon?

A. The most common solution is to refurbish or resurface your wood flooring. About 75% of all wood floors that need makeovers to rid the floor of surface scratches or to give the floor luster and shine. This is why AvidPro Custom Hardwood Floors offers resurfacing, which removes most surface scratches and apply a new top-coat. AvidPro also offers refurbishing, which involves a deep cleaning to remove dirt and cleaning product hazing. We also follow it up with a new top-coat. Both services are about half the cost of refinishing. We make the process to our clients in Central Oregon easy, fun, and spot-free. 

Q. I just bought a home in Bend, Oregon. Should I do anything to my hardwood flooring before I move in?

A. The most common top-coat for wood flooring lasts about 7 years. If the wood flooring has been in place for about that long or longer, it is best to apply a new top coat while the floor is empty while there's no furniture in place. Bend, Oregon has so many amazing houses. The AvidPro touch ensures quality hardwood flooring with excellent service. 

Q. I only have a few scratches on a small area of my hardwood floor; can these be fixed without refinishing the entire floor?

A. Most often, yes. AvidPro Custom Hardwood Floors offers spot repairs to floors by sanding or replacing individual boards and color match them to the existing floors. Many of our hardwood projects in Oregon, even small ones, ensure that the homeowner's vision remains intact. 

Q. I have water damage on a section of my hardwood floor. What can I do to fix this problem?

A. Water damage to wood flooring does happen, and it is the worst type of damage to a hardwood floor. It penetrates the wood, trapping moisture underneath, leaving a permanent stain. If it is contained early enough, the floors can be dried out. If not, cupping (swelling at the ends of the board), swelling, and bowing will occur. AvidPro Custom Hardwood Floors offer immediate drying services for newly wet floors, as well as repair and/or replacement of the affected boards and color matching services to the existing hardwood floors.

Q. Can I select a floor that fits my décor and personality?

A. This is AvidPro's specialty. There is an amazing list of options for you starting with the hardwood type, the pre-stain treatment, staining options, and the finish types and sheens. 

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