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Avid Pro Custom Hardwood Floors - devoted to what we do!

by Rick Burke February 15, 2016

AvidPro Custom Hardwood Floors is devoted to achieving the highest possible level of total customer satisfaction through excellent professional conduct and quality hardwood flooring options in Portland, Oregon as well as in Bend, Oregon.

This means transparency on our part. AvidPro flooring follows through on our promises-- we chose the name AvidPro (devoted professionals) because it best describes who we are.

AvidPro Custom Hardwood Floors continues the tradition of success in the hardwood flooring industry. The people we hire are our first priority.  Each person is carefully evaluated as an AvidPro before hiring. We are required to sustain a lifestyle of conduct that represents "living this moment better."

AvidPro Custom Hardwood Floors in Bend, Oregon and Portland, Oregon 

Rick Burke
Rick Burke


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